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Department of Russian as a foreign language and teaching methods

Department of Russian as a foreign language and teaching methods – educational division of Interdisciplinary Education and Ibero-American Studies Southern Federal University.

The establishment of the Department related to 60-s of XX century. At that time, there was a need for specialized divisions, which were engaged in teaching foreigners the basics of the Russian language system, speech skills, initiation of Russian traditions and Russian culture. In 1967 in Rostov State University, in accordance with the decision of the rector Yu.A. Zhdanov, such a division became the department, which had a separate university-wide status, since students of all faculties of the Russian State University began to study Russian here.

Teachers, worked with international students and interns, built extensive and productive expertise in teaching Russian for students of different nationalities from –over 120 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America. More than 7 000 international students have receive the education over the years.

One more important direction of the department, apart from teaching Russian as a foreign language for students of bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs, is teaching international students at pre-university education.

The department implements various Russian language courses and the international summer school for foreigners. The duration 2 weeks – 1 semester. Additional educational programs on requalification, on further training of Russian and international listeners.   

The main areas of study and scientific-methodical works of the department:

  1. Development of culture quotient (CQ) and cross-cultural competence  (master’s program);
  2. Development of innovative and educational technologies and ethno-oriented teaching methods of foreign languages and Russian as a foreign language, including use of E-learning and distance educational technologies. Moreover, development of teaching methods for with people of specific educational needs (master’s programs).
  3. Problem of national identity and dialogue of cultures;
  4. Current questions of pragmatic linguistics, cognitive linguistic, intercultural communication, cultural linguistics, media linguistics and language theory;
  5. Contrastive linguistics as the basis of building newest educational programs at teaching foreign languages and Russian as a foreign language;
  6. Linguo-didactic framework of testing Russian as a foreign language and its teaching methods.

Theoretical and practical framework of teaching methods of Russian as a foreign language has been developed during the years of the department. Scientific conferences, seminars, dedicated to the questions of development and study of the main features of linguo-didactic, were held in the department.



Zinaida Vladimirovna Rezhuk - candidate of sciences, acting director of the department of Russian as a foreign language and teaching methods, associate professor;

Anastasia Sergeevna Datchenko – lecturer;

Olga Ibragimovna Dolia – lecturer;

Anastasia Valerievna  Zubareva – senior lecturer;

Denis Nikolaevich Ilyin – candidate of science, associate professor;

Olga Olegovna Karpova – lecturer;

Sabina Useinovna Kerimova – candidate of science, associate professor;

Daria Sergeevna Korotaeva – lecturer;

Maria Igorevna Kudryavtseva – associate professor; 

Alexandra Alexandrovna Lazaryan – senior lecturer;

Marina Nikolaevna Liasheva – candidate of science, associate professor;

Anton Alexsandrovich Maslakov – candidate of science, associate professor;

Pilshchikova Oksana Alexandrovna – lecturer;

Olga Sergeevna Polovinkina – lecturer;

Ekaterina Anatolyevna Pomigueva – candidate of science, associate professor;

Irina Nikolaevna Savchenkova – candidate of science, associate professor;

Ekaterina Romanovna Sknarina – lecturer;

Elena Alexandrovna Skuratova – senior lecturer;

Olga Andreevna Frolova – senior lecturer;

Oksana Vitalyevna Shiryaeva-Shiring – doctor of science, professor;

Anna Vasilievna Yaroshenko – lecturer.


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