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Russian as a Foreign Language Testing Center

Russian as a Foreign Language Testing Center was created in 1999 and is one of the first educational organizations in our country conducting testing of Russian as a foreign language.

Managing director of the Center is Rezhuk Zinaida Vladimirovna.


Three main arears of focus:

1. Testing of Russian as a Foreign Language in order to acquire citizenship of the Russian Federation - 6500 roubles.

2. Testing of Russian as a Foreign Language (TORFL levels А2–С1)

The TORFL test consists of 5 levels:

Basic Level (TBL / A2)  - 6000 roubles;

Successful performance at the Test at Basic Level represents a standard competence in Russian which demonstrates a candidate can satisfy their basic communicative needs in a limited number of situations in everyday and cultural spheres. This level stands for the minimum level required to obtain Russian citizenship. At the same time this level is not sufficient for studying in the Russian educational institutions, except for preparatory faculties (programs or courses) for foreigners.

- The First Certification Level (TORFL-I / B1) - 6000 roubles;

Successful performance at the First Level Certificate indicates an intermediate level of language competence, which demonstrates a candidate can satisfy their main communicative needs in everyday, cultural, educational and professional spheres in line with the State Standard of Competence in Russian as a Foreign Language. In addition, the First Level Certificate allows its holder to apply to a Russian university.

The Second Level Certificate (TORFL-II / B2)  - 6300 roubles;

Successful performance at the Second Level Certificate indicates a high level of competence in Russian which demonstrates a candidate can satisfy their communicative needs in a wide range of situations in cultural, educational and professional spheres. It allows its holder to receive bachelor's, master's and PhD degrees from Russian universities, excluding certain philology-related subjects. This level also allows one to carry out professional activities in the Russian language in the related subject areas: humanitarian sciences (except for philology), engineering, natural sciences, etc.

The Third Level Certificate (TORFL-III / C1)   - 6500 roubles;

Successful performance at the Third Level Certificate indicates that the candidate has a high level of language command in all communicative contexts, which allows them to conduct professional activity in Russian in areas such as Linguistics, Translation, Editing, Journalism, International Relations and Management.

The Fourth Level Certificate (TORFL-IV / C2)  - 6500 roubles.

Successful performance at the Fourth Level Certificate indicates Proficiency in Russian and the candidate's language competence close to a native Russian-speaker. It also enables its holder to receive a Master of Arts degree in philology, undertake all forms of work in Russian philology.

 Testing procedure:

Step 1. Apply the documents:

  • 1) original document of identification (residence permit or passport and its translation, refugee identity card);
  • 2) copy of migration card for those who don't have residence permit.

Step 2. Before testing:

  • 1) fill up a form;
  • 2) sign an agreement on testing.

Step 3. Attend briefing regarding:

  • 1) the algorithm for filling the matrices;
  • 2) the time of each subtest;
  • 3) general rules.

Step 4. Attend a free group tutorial instruction, study up on public testing examples.

Step 5. Pay the bill.

Step 6. Take the test .

Step 7. Get a certificate (in two weeks).


Rostov-on Don, st. Zorge, 21Ж, room 213

To get to our office you can use bus № 67 or minibuses №40, 52, 59, 67, 85а (Western district, bus station "st. 339 Strelkovoy Divizii")



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